WiFi Roaming For ISP

We have developed a new innovative technology for connecting all WiFi routers, which can provide WiFi roaming service.
Currently lot of people have WiFi at home. But that WiFi is usable only in limited area covered by 1 WiFi router. If 1 user, goes in range of another users WiFi router, he can not use another user’s WiFi, because, everyone has protected their WiFi router with password key.

We have developed a software, which we install on router. For e.g. if we have installed our software on 200 Routers, and we give a username and password to each user. Then they can get WiFi internet, if they are in range of any of the 200 routers. (Note: earlier user was limited to 1 router range). So basically our software provides WiFi roaming facility. It keeps accounting of data usage by each user etc. You can create different WiFi plans and sell it to generate extra revenue.
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Our goal is to connect all WiFi routers in the world. So people can access WiFi seamlessly anywhere in the world.

YouFi System also provides hotspot management and billing services for businesses or individuals who want to provide internet for their customers.Converts your existing unsecured Wi-Fi hotspot into a powerful and secure internet access point. Focus on your core business without worrying about your internet connection any more.

  • Vision:Our vision is to simplify the wireless experience for consumers and business customers by offering easy-to-understand, affordable rate plans and excellent customer service. YouFi Networks is bringing next-generation wireless data products.
  • Mission: Our goal is to provide a superior product that is cost effective.

Our Features are Unbeatable

Sharing Wi-Fi password puts your network security at risk by opening up for terrorist and anti-social elements. YouFi System make sure that your login process is safe and secure.

ycong9gceBandwidth limit:
Don’t let a single customer occupy all the available bandwidth while choking network and make others waiting for bandwidth. Improve customer experience by distributing hotspot bandwidth equally.

ycong9gceCustomer Data:
Using YouFi System, you can know your customers better. Capture who comes everyday, or once a week or multiple times daily. We will provide complete customer report with powerful analytics

Government has made it mandatory for public internet hotspot provider to authenticate user through their mobile phones. YouFi System force user to login using verified mobile phone numbers only.

ycong9gceBusiness Marketing:
YouFi System will help you in marketing your cafe or restaurant among people searching for free Wi-Fi hotspot. Drive more customers from your existing internet infrastructure.

ycong9gceSession limit:
Now do not let your customers use your internet session throughout the day. You can control user login session from 1 minute to 24 hours. YouFi System will disconnect a user automatically after session time is over.

YouFi WiFi Service, provides WiFi to all the Users.

For accessing the FREE WiFi Internet facility, the passengers will have to access YouFi network. The User will be able to register by providing the other details like mobile number etc. On validation of the data entered by the users, as per extant DOT guidelines, the One Time Password will be sent through SMS to the registered mobile number. The Login ID and Password will remain valid till you not logged out.

Benefits of HotSpot WiFi Service :
Hotels/Restaurants: After food order, customer can use Free WiFi
Hospital: Patient can use the free Wi-Fi to pass the time. Ease of strain for Patient.
Mall: Shopkeeper can display Ad on Wifi Login Page, & increase customers
Saloon/Parlor: No need to get bore, enjoy your time by surfing internet
College/University: Students can download or upload study material using Free WiFi
Party Hall: Upload event memories on social media using free WiFi hotspot
Travels: Passenger can utilize their time using WiFi